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GLIMMER GODDESS® Organic Moisturizing Body Wash

GLIMMER GODDESS® Organic Moisturizing Body Wash

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A truly luxuriant, extra mild and gentle liquid soap made from certified organic ingredients gentle enough use on face, body or hair. Infused with essential oils for a clean, fresh scent. Cleans, moisturizes and protects your skin. Ideal for babies, sensitive skin and people with allergies.

No harsh chemicals, additives, colorants, or other ingredients, just pure derivatives from plant sources. Great for the face and body, or as an all-purpose wash. GLIMMER GODDESS® included Shea Butter and Coconut Oil to help keep your body moisturized long after you shower.  Shea Butter helps to restore elasticity & moisture to the skin.  It also prevents premature wrinkles by boosting overall collagen production. Provides important skin lightening vitamins such as Vitamin E, A & D.

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