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PRIMI PETS™ - Collapsible Cat Tunnel

PRIMI PETS™ - Collapsible Cat Tunnel

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Transform your home into a feline paradise with PRIMI PETS™ Collapsible Cat Tunnel! This lightweight and collapsible tunnel is the perfect play zone for your furry friend, offering hours of entertainment and excitement.

Designed to provide a sense of safety and comfort, this interactive cat toy features three bouncy balls for a thrilling game of chase, along with a center hole for dropping treats or teasers. Your cat will love exploring the secret tunnels and hiding from view in their own indoor playground.

Specifically crafted for small pets, this play area is easy to assemble—simply pop open the collapsible tunnel and connect the pieces together for instant fun. When playtime is over, effortlessly fold up the tubes and store them away until the next adventure, ensuring a hassle-free clean-up.

Create the ultimate space for exploration, bonding, playing, and hiding with PRIMI PETS™ Collapsible Cat Tunnel—your furry friend's dream come true!

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