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Mini Car Refrigerator

Mini Car Refrigerator

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Simplify your travel experience with our versatile portable refrigerator. No need to spend extra on iced drinks, preserving fruits, or heating food during long trips. Equipped with convenient carrying straps that can be easily detached, this refrigerator features three top holes for securing cups or beverages. The magnetic strip-covered mouth ensures superior insulation and sealing, while the flip-up lid allows for flexible placement between front seats, armrest boxes, car seats, or the trunk. Despite its compact size, it boasts a generous 7.5L capacity, making space a non-issue. With the ability to switch between hot and cold modes effortlessly, you can trust in its powerful insulation, long-lasting cooling, low noise operation, and energy efficiency. Suitable for various scenarios, from picnics and camping to taxi drivers and yacht excursions, this portable refrigerator is also perfect for storing cold medicines, fresh milk, cosmetics, and everyday home use. Travel smarter and enjoy the convenience of temperature control on the go with our portable refrigerator.




Material: Food grade ABS
Capacity: 7.5L
Power: 30W
Input voltage: 12V (car type) or 220v, 12v (car dual-use type)
Fuse specifications: 10A
Heating temperature: heating to 65 ℃ or so
Refrigeration temperature: lower than the ambient temperature of about 5-10 ℃
The refrigerator is equipped with a cooling fan, the fan will sound when working.
Size: about 32.5 * 18 * 30 cm / 12.80 * 7.09 * 11.81 in

Packing Includes:
1 * Car refrigerator
1 * Car charger line
1 * Portable strap
1 * Manual

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