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Cooling Mats Blacket

Cooling Mats Blacket

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Introducing our newest innovation in pet comfort: the Cooling Mats for Dogs! Crafted with the utmost care and precision, these bed mats are designed to elevate your furry friend's lounging experience to a whole new level of coolness and comfort.

Constructed with high-quality cooling materials, our mats provide a refreshing oasis for your beloved canine companions, ensuring they stay cool and relaxed even on the hottest days. The mechanical wash style ensures effortless maintenance, keeping the mats clean and hygienic with ease.

With a weight ranging from 30 to 260 grams, these mats offer versatility without compromising on performance. The solid pattern exudes a sleek and professional aesthetic, perfect for blending seamlessly into any home decor.

Whether your dog needs a cozy spot to nap or a refreshing retreat to beat the heat, our Cooling Mats are the ultimate solution. Elevate your pet's relaxation game and treat them to the luxurious comfort they deserve with our Cooling Mats today!

Wash Style :  Mechanical Wash
Type :  Dogs
Material :  Cooling Mats
Item Type :  Bed Mats
Weight :  30-260g
Feature :  Cooling
Pattern :  Solid
Model Number :  Cooling Mats

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