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Car Mini Fridge

Car Mini Fridge

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Introducing the Car Mini Fridge, an innovative solution designed with sustainability and user convenience in mind. This compact refrigerator is not only energy-efficient but also eco-friendly, making it a superior choice for those conscious of their carbon footprint.

Expertly running off your car's USB port, this mini fridge provides you the ease of cooling your drinks, snacks, or even meals while on the move. It's an ultimate road trip companion, ensuring that your refreshments remain chilled and ready to enjoy at your convenience.

With its compact dimensions of 194*90*90mm, it's intended to snugly fit into the back seat of your car, ensuring you retain maximum space for your comfort. Don't worry about bulky coolers or ice boxes; this Car Mini Fridge simplifies travel with its smart, space-saving design.

Boasting a sturdy ABS material construction, it promises durability and long-lasting use. Available in aesthetic shades of black, blue, and red, you have the liberty to select the color that complements your car's interior.

Operating on a low voltage of 5V and consuming a nominal power of 10W, it underscores its commitment to energy efficiency. With power supplied through USB, set-up is hassle-free and straightforward.

Package includes one Car Mini Fridge. Freshness and convenience no longer require compromise when you are on the road. Invest in this Car Mini Fridge and elevate your travel experience today!

Product Specifications:Material: ABSColor: black, blue, redVoltage: 5VPower: 10WSize: 194*90*90mmPower: USB 

Package includes:1 x Car Mini Fridge.

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